Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Keep Your G6; We're Going G9

Funny story. Ok, maybe not 'funny'. I've wanted to write about the Seahawks for many years. I mean, I have to be REALLY careful not to talk all-Seahawks, all season long on my Facebook status, and every Fall I watch my Twitter account convert to 90% Seahawks talk.

So when I woke up the morning following the somewhat-pathetic playoff loss to the Bears with this name in my head that wouldn't get out, I knew it was time to act.

I checked on the URL, twitter name, did a google search...all signs pointed to "GO" for 12 the Hard Way. Snagged it.

Then, I heard from my friend, Bitter KK, in Cleveland. She was writing me about something totally unrelated, but since I knew she had a {very fun} blog about the Cleveland Browns, I wanted to talk to her first. I knew she'd understand.

It just so happened that she had not only great advice, but she had just talked with one Ms. Julie DiCaro, who was in the midst of putting together a network of women sports team writers. Um, hello? Timing, timing, timing is the new location, location, location. {Unless you have an actual store, then location is everything. Trust me. #dayjob}

G9 Sports is a pretty cool idea. The conversations I've already enjoyed with other writers are priceless. The cooperation is intense. Julie is really on to something here.

So I am proud to say that 12 the Hard Way is part of the G9 Sports Network, launching today, February 1st.
Head over to G9 to see who's talking MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, and NFL.

{Image Credit: Courtney Taylor w/12 Flag-Dan DeLong/Seattle P-I 12tHW Logo-Yours Truly G9 Logo - G9 Sports}

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