Friday, February 4, 2011

Flashback Friday: We Want the Ball...

...and you know the rest. Since we're all Packers fans this weekend, I'm pulling out #12's favorite gaffe of all time for our first Flashback Friday. Really; can you imagine another time when a team has lost a playoff game and the fans actually smile and laugh about what led up to it, making it an honored part of their team history? Not likely.

Which brings us to:

2003. NFC Wild Card Playoff Game. Lambeau Field. Overtime.

After winning the coin toss, Matthew infamously states, "We want the ball and we're gonna score"...and then goes on to throw an interception. The rest doesn't really matter. {no, really, it's been wiped from my mind}. We still love him for being Beck. And I will always support the ideals of "We Want the Ball and We're Gonna Score". ALWAYS. In fact, I propose that this confidence {and slip up} was instrumental in building the 2005 team that went to Super Bowl XL. How cocky would we have been if we did take that ball and score?

In any case, here's hoping for lots of scoring on the part of the Packers on Sunday. Go Pack, Go!

{Image Credit: David Bergman/SI}

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