Friday, July 29, 2011

Break the Tension...with Pro Shop Sale

It's no secret we're on a bit of a Free Agency roller coaster right now, #12s.

If you need a break, I recommend some retail therapy down at the Pro Shop Sidewalk Sale at Qwest/Seahawks Stadium this weekend.

Just don't cry when you see those #8 jerseys on clearance.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's a new season dawning over at VMAC.

A fond farewell to Will Herring, Olindo Mare, and Brandon Stokley. These Seahawk stalwarts are now a Saint, a Panther, and a Redskin, respectively.

As for those coming on board, let's just say more than one purple and gold website will need to be updated to blue and green.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

8 is Great

Yesterday was a tough one. My twitter was a'spinnin' as news came in that Matt Hasselbeck wouldn't be talking with the Seahawks, and then the quick concussions as news of signings and potential signings kept dropping in one of the most active Free Agency days in recent memory.

More on that later.

For now, a few lessons learned yesterday...or reiterated, as the case may be.

1. Matthew Hasselbeck is a stand up guy

2. The Holmgren Era is officially at an end in Seattle

3. Character counts, but maybe not as much as it once did at Seahawks HQ

4. #12 sticks together through thick and thin - a force to be reckoned with

5. Hass will likely go on to the Super Bowl in the not too distant many recently-ex-Seahawks likely do

6. I am going to miss those Infiniti of Kirkland radio spots so much

I'm not quite ready to make changes on my twitlists of incoming and outgoing team players. For now, I'll just let @Hasselbeck's Twitter poignant new profile pic say it all. Thanks Hass, Beck, Matthew, Matt, #8. You deserve the last word and the best of luck.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why the CBA Can't Come Fast Enough

Because this was the homepage today:

Because while I love venerating Seahawks teams of the past, I cannot stomach a recap of the Mora Year. Not yet.

Because I need to know what's going to happen with Free Agency unlike any year before.

Because it's becoming unfair punishment to the social media team at Seahawks HQ to not have anything better to talk about.

Because last year this time I was getting ready for a visit to training camp.

The lockout craziness must stop. #12 for CBA NOW.

Friday, July 15, 2011

ESPYs: It Just Doesn't Matter

I cannot tell you how many times Bill Murray's "It Just Doesn't Matter" speech from Meatballs runs through my head on any given day...not to mention how many times I reenact it whenever firewood is near. It is probably the mantra for my entire life.

Especially as a Seahawks fan.

Well, it was just what I needed to hear/see/watch after the miserable ESPYs 2 nights ago - an evening where ESPN fans told Seattle in every way possible that WE just don't matter to them. Guess what, ESPN fans? It just doesn't matter to US. So, #12, rise up and behold, the greatest mantra of all time:

I'm not going to say that the ESPY losses for Best Play {Beastquake} and Best Upset {Saints Playoff Kill} and Leon's Comeback didn't hurt in a year where most every single other 'mixed' sport award went to an NFL nominees. Nevermind that even Seattle's Lauren Jackson didn't win best WNBA player. I guess a championship season with no losses at home, scoring an average 20.5 points per game, and being voted Player of the month for 3 months in a row doesn't count for much when you represent Seattle. Or maybe I don't know much about women's basketball.

Best play went to women's soccer. Whatever. National slights like these sting and remind us that it's hard out there for a #12. But we know that. And It Just Doesn't Matter.

And that's all I have to say about ESPYs.