Monday, February 7, 2011

XLV Hangover

I love football. I love marketing. Therefore, the Super Bowl is a little bit of a big deal for me each year, regardless of who is playing. But then comes today: welcome to the day-after-the-Super-Bowl. From time to time, there's a call from the populace to make this day a national holiday. It never goes far, but it's nice to have a dream. Even though I didn't even have a drink yesterday, I still feel the annual letdown, waking up and knowing football season is officially over.

In fact, this year might be a little bit worse because of the pending CBA negotiations between the NFL and NFLPA. Chatter persists about a looming lockout, a possible 18-game season, and all that these would entail: How will a lockout affect Free Agency strategies? Will we have a 'normal' Draft? What about training camp?

Uncertainty ain't fun. So today, I'll be reliving Super Bowl XLV memories one last time, deferring the off-season unpleasantness one more day. Here, my top 5 thoughts:

1. We Won. As Seahawks fans, we didn't want to see Brothelsburger* and his cronies win. And they didn't. Enough said.

2. Maybe It's Time to Class Up the Super Bowl Acts. Just a bit. Mis-singing the lyrics to our National Anthem is one thing. Adding vibrato** to every. single. note. is another thing. Looking morose until you find the camera on you is yet another. And the Black-Eyed Peas' audio...well, I'll just give them the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to bad audio. {but I think we all know better}.

3. Super Bowl, Sponsored by Doritos. Love the commercials, hate the commercials, but one thing's for sure: Doritos made their mark yesterday with memorable pitches each and every quarter. I loved that they WENT there and did what you need to do to get noticed. I still don't think I want to eat any Doritos, but I thought about them more in the last 24 hours than I have in all the years since 6th grade...and my ten year old wants them for the first time in her life.

4. Greg Jennings Made His Mark. I confess I probably didn't take such notice of him before now because I'm otherwise trying to beat this team, but yesterday Greg Jennings put in quite the performance and piqued my interest. From time to time, I'll find myself liking a non-Seahawk player...and Greg Jennings has made my list.

5. Green Bay Knows How to Celebrate. Officially calling it a school holiday today, Green Bay welcomed the Lombardi trophy home with festive fanfare. Well done, Pack, well done.

*Inspired by fellow G9er and Eagles Fan @sports_muse's spellcheck **I know about a lot of things, but singing isn't one of them. If vibrato isn't the actual term for what I mean, then whatever it was xtina was doing to her was annoying.

{Image Credits: Christina Aguilera and Greg Jennings TD: AP, Doritos Ad via YouTube}


  1. Terrific article, Candice!

    Hey, how can I send you a quick email? I was figuring we could trade blogroll links.

  2. Brothelsburger. That may be the best thing ever.

  3. Brandon - 17 Power is an awesome blog - I am definitely adding you to my list!

    Brandyn - totally agree. :)