Friday, April 13, 2012

2012 Seahawks Nike Uniforms: The UGLY

Yep. There's the Good. There's the Bad. And then there's the things-that-make-you-go-GAH!

Colonial Seahawks
I just cannot embrace the colonial look in the home uni press photos. Please ban black shoes from the team. I like "Tradition" and the Founding Fathers just as much as the next American, but there are so many better options than looking like olde-timey Williamsburgians out on the field. Here's one place where we gotta go modern.

Ducktail on the Helmet
Can't. stand. it. This downward swoop where the 2 Seahawks logos meet at the back of the helmet makes me think every player has one of those stupid rat-tails that were popular for a minute in the '80's. And, by the way, logos should never point down - rule #493 in the branding world. Down is pessimistic. Down is sad. Down is not what we want for our Seahawks.

Even Seahawks-alum Robbie Tobeck will tell you the real deal:

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