Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vote #12 for ESPYs

The ESPY Nominations are out and the Seahawks have some well-deserved recognition. Now it's up to us to secure the victory. {sound familiar?}

VOTE HERE for the Seahawks' Beastquaking playoff win over the reigning world champ Saints as BEST UPSET. AND! Our boy Leon Washington is up for NFL's STRONGEST PERFORMANCE. Which, if you recall all the times network commentators marveled at Leon Washington last season, has to be a sure thing. So VOTE!

Oh yah, a few things to know before voting:

1. It will take you at least 10-15 minutes.

2. You will have to vote in every category, even "Best Bowler" where criteria like "pick the least creepy-looking" will not help you out.

3. Local boy Tim Lincecum and the Storm's Lauren Jackson provide more local flavor.

4. I voted for Jon "Bones" Jones for Best Fighter purely because he was the only one with a fighter sounding name and for Aaron Rodgers for Best NFL Player solely to vote against the others. Feel free to share your personal voting criteria in comments, below.

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