Friday, May 20, 2011

Flashback Friday: 1984

I love the 1984 season and beyond the big names and plays, it's left a lasting impression on me in the form of a deep-rooted dislike of the Miami Dolphins.

1984 was the year that Apple launched the Mac during the Super Bowl with this ad:

It should've been OUR Super Bowl.

I've searched YouTube for 1984 Seahawks highlights many times and always come up blank, so I'm delighted that the Seahawks themselves posted this 20 minute Flashback Fridayesque gem from NFL Films yesterday: WATCH IT.

They also posted an article to go along with it; "1984: from Ground Chuck to Air Knox"

Seems someteam is thinking beyond a 7-9 record and into major lopsided, double-digit win totals.

I like it.

12Plus {added 5/23/11}:
Check out this awesome piece on the 1984 Seahawks by the always-spot-on @DKSB17 on Dave Kreig's Strike Beard.  If you can't read, there's still an awesome picture of Kenny Easley on Easley Street.  Classic.

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