Thursday, August 16, 2012

VMAC Training Camp: Last Call

After the best preseason game I've ever been to on Saturday, August 11 (sorry Hass), mini-12, Mr. 12, and I headed down to The Landing in Renton to wait in line check in for training camp and catch our bus to VMAC.

It was a gorgeous day, the last day of public training camp, and the 12 flag was flying high. Similar to Saturday's game, Flynn and Wilson took most of the reps, but TJack was in the mix. Running backs seemed to have a break that day, as the wide receivers were most active. T.O. caught a couple of awesome passes and spent some time charming the VIPs in the sponsor tent. Butler does look to be healed up and ready to play, and Braylon Edwards looked good, too.

I remain super excited about Russell Wilson and Bruce Irvin after seeing them on the field. But my main take-away is that a Pete Carroll training camp is much more relaxed than a Mike Holmgren camp.

Back in 2008, things moved at a military pace and you rarely saw players standing around, everyone was drilling, all the time. Today's practice may have been a little lax for some, and I won't say it's wrong, because how else would I get an awesome shot of these three legends-in-the-making:

Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, and Brandon Browner take a breather at VMAC August 15 2012

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