Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coming to Terms with Lack of Babs

Image from BigPlayBabs.com
I haven't been able to say anything about losing Jordan Babineaux to the Titans. Frankly, it's been a little depressing, and while the Seahawks seem to be absorbing the Vikings, the Titans are absorbing Seahawks.

Watching last week's first pre-season game with some knock-on-wood-promising-looking plays from Brandon Browner helped ease the pain. Watching Babs make his signature Big Play in his own first preseason game in a Titans uniform  strangely eased the pain a bit more.

Obviously, #12 wishes Babs all the luck in the world. If history is any indicator, we'll probably see him and Hass in a Super Bowl in the not to distant future.

I leave you with the memory of this article by Fieldgulls, with the best title ever: "My Name is Big Play Babs, I Only Do Everything" - written way back in July, those halcyon days when we prayed for the CBA and a training camp schedule. Join me in taking a moment to remember what we used to be.

And now, let's get ready to kick some pre-season Viking arse on Saturday. I'll see you there!!

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